General Information

Welcome to the Sons Of Revolution MC website. If you are interested in getting to know us please either click on an area close to your location and find the local contact information for that Chapter or if you do not see an area close to your city, State, or Country please contact us SRMC.US@Gmail.com

What we are about, in simple terms.

We believe in liberty and with that and most importantly we believe in Freedom. We live our life as we see fit, we want to live how we want to live and if that is outside of societies view of how we should be then so be it, you live your life and we will live ours.

Special Thanks

We wanted to give a special thanks to our friends and Brothers that have helped us become who we are today. You know who you are... We want to acknowledge their long fight for freedom to make sure everyone's rights are preserved not just their own.

Oath Keepers